Life Trek


For Students:

Enjoy one-on-one interaction with an American.

Friendship Trek - Develop a supportive friendship with an American, discussing life, confusing aspects of American culture, or other topics in a weekly 30-minute video chat (with a plan to meet in person later).  This commitment is for one semester, but hopefully it will turn into an enduring friendship.

Or you may choose a weekly 30-minute video chat focused on a specific area of your life for as long as needed, up to one semester.

  • English Trek - Improve your English by listening and talking with a helpful native speaker.

  • Career Trek - Get feedback on your career/internship search, perhaps even from someone in the same career.

  • Health Trek - Talk with someone who can encourage you with your mental, physical or social self-care.

Lily from Indonsia, Yana, Judy and Bowen

For American Volunteers:

Get to know a USC international student from your own home in a weekly 30-minute video chat. We provide some hints for interacting and discuss any concerns before introducing you to your student online.

The first option is to be a friend, get to know each other, and discuss topics you choose. When it is possible, we encourage you to to meet at least one time in person. You could pick up your student at USC and treat him or her at a restaurant or, better yet, bring the student to your home for a meal. Or you could go on a picnic, to the beach, take a hike, etc. This commitment is for one semester, but the hope is that it will turn into an enduring friendship.

Or you can sign up to help a student in a specific area:  1) English, 2) career aspirations, or 3) self-care--mental, social, and physical health.  Your commitment would be to help the student as long as he or she feels the need, up to one semester.

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